Every event planner is relieved at the end of a successful meeting. No more worrying about the attendance, whether the sessions will be productive or if the exhibitors will get their money’s worth. However, at the back of their mind, a new worry creeps in. The concern about the next meeting and what to do. It’s something every planner has to worry about. How to enliven the next meeting and how to break out of the monotony. If you are looking for ways to build on your success, here are some tips to spice up your meetings:

Keep abreast with new things in the destination

If the meetings you plan are in the same venue, it might get a little boring quite fast. To stay on top, found out what’s new in the destination and build around these things. You can find out other events taking place in the city to plan off-site events that will, in turn, break any monotony.

Find unique attractions

Another way to pump life into meetings is to find the tourist attractions in a city and plan around them. Attendees will be on the look for new and unique things to do while on the destination and thus identifying these sites will save you the trouble. To find these unique sites, you could subscribe to the local newspaper or lifestyle magazine. These will contain columns on recent openings or unique events that are taking place in the destination town or city. You can also contact a local CVB partner as they will be aware of the events happening in the area.

Tap into past meetings

You don’t have to come up with new ideas all the time. Instead, you can borrow ideas from past meetings that were held in the same venue. You can consult with local CVBs as they are always working with planners and will have some insights for you. You can also contact other planners who have used the destination for their meetings and hear what was a success to them.

Device themes with the location in mind

Once you’ve settled on the destination of the meeting, take advantage of what makes the destination unique and create a theme around it. The theme could revolve around the arts, culture or community projects; anything to spice up the location.

In conclusion, subscribe to newsletters that specialize in events and follow sites that target event planners to keep abreast of the common trends in the event planning world.