While attending a job interview, most of the people focus on impressing the interviewer. Many of us have a common perception that one should learn to say yes to succeed, even when you are not satisfied with the others’ opinions.

Although such dishonesty may help you qualify for that interview, you may get involved in more problems while taking up the role.

We at Global Investment Strategies believe that our employees should be honest enough to give their actual opinion. Presenting the fake side may not help you win the competition; instead, it may raise the conflicts and misconceptions at a later stage.

Moreover, you should know how to express your viewpoints more tactfully so that you can have a win-win situation in the interview.

We understand that it is not always easy to disagree with the interviewer, but here we are providing you with some tips to make your conversation more fruitful during the entire session.

Your homework matters the most:
When you are about to attend an interview session with a particular company, it is always important to do some homework ahead of time. You should be aware of the company culture and its legacy. It is better to collect information about whether the leadership team prefers open-communication, or they follow a strict approach. You can do some research on social media, ask some existing employees in the company, or search about the firm’s history online.

Spare some time to think before you say:
Most of the candidates come to the interview with a common tendency to answer the questions without pausing. They believe that it may help them to make an impression on the interviewing team; however, we at Global Investment Strategies believe that candidates should take some time to gather thoughts and make a thoughtful reply. Instead of saying the wrong things in a hurry, we prefer to craft the response creatively to demonstrate the best skills in you.

Ask permission to express your unique viewpoint:
Whenever you are into a situation of disagreeing with the interviewer, it is better to be genuine with your viewpoint. The idea is to ask for permission to express what you feel about the topic; however, it is better not to be offensive while presenting your opinion. Instead of forcing your opinion on others, you should have a polite discussion with the team that may provoke their curiosity level as well.

Consider the vibes of your institution:
When you face a situation of disagreeing with the interviewer, it is better to listen first to your instincts. Judge your thoughts, do you feel confident? Do you think that you will be able to sustain their work culture? Are those vibes welcoming? Your institution will answer all these thoughts for you. And it will also motivate you to act accordingly. Choose your words as per the surrounding environment and make sure you are authentic and transparent with your idea.

These simple tricks may help you get into an organization where you can be right with your opinions.