Having a genuine and understanding manager is more like a blessing. But most of the people end up having bosses with some unrealistic expectations. Such people keep on imposing their rules and regulations on the team members, without realizing the facts on the ground.

employer unrealistic expectations

Working with such folks can be a terrible experience for anyone. You cannot argue with them; even explaining your point may also make you feel unsafe. Due to the enormous pressure posed by such supervisors, many people think of leaving their job.

We at Doug McClure believe that instead of updating your resume and approaching some other jobs, why not learn the skills to set up a stable relationship with your demanding boss. You can never guarantee that you will get a great boss in the new company, so why not make a few changes to yourself and add more balance to your life.

Here we have listed a few tips to help you strengthen your relationship with an unrealistic boss so that you can enjoy the company’s incredible growth:

Develop a defense cascade practice: Many people make a mistake of arguing their boss when the demands increase their threshold level. But the first most thing you should do is bring yourself to a calming mode so that you can think better before taking any action. The way of controlling your overly reactive mind is known as defense cascade. Whenever you find yourself in an aggressive mode, you should send some calming signals to your brain to understand that you are not in any immediate danger. Take long breaths and think twice what you want to say.

  • Look for the right time to share realistic details:

When working for an organization, no matter what position you are, you have some joint missions. Realizing that you both are on the same page and are making efforts to achieve the same goals may open new opportunities to explain the practical realities. Your boss is probably not in a position to hear more details at a certain point in time, but you can explain things better with some workable solutions later. The idea is to find the right time to discuss the hidden problems and develop a plan that is easier to implement.

  • Gauge your relationship from time to time:

It will not be more comfortable to strengthen your relationship with your boss overnight. You may have to make continuous efforts, and in the meantime, it is equally important to gauge the progress. Try to access your boss’s approach and style so that you can be prepared to respond proactively. When the staff learns to share relevant information more consistently and effectively, the business owners also develop a better vision to tackle their staff.

No matter which profile you are working on, instead of feeling frustrated about your boss’s behavior, you prefer to develop some sound practices to lead your organization’s mission together.