How to keep your Finances from Being a Royal Mess

Do you ever have days like that? Days that it feels like the Jester is in charge of your finances?

As a CPA, I have worked with 1,000s of small business owners and have made a startling discovery. Those who have made it are not necessarily more talented, more passionate, more educated, more hard-working or smarter than everyone else. Then what separates those who have succeeded from the rest of us? They have mastered one thing and one thing only. They have figured out how to use a tool that they have used to build their wealth. Everyone else doesn’t use the tool well, if at all! And what is that tool? It’s leverage. Leverage, really? What exactly is that, you say? So let me explain.

Leverage is essentially using other people’s money, time, talents, resources, ideas, work, and relationships. In other words, the use of anything and anyone besides YOU. What I have observed is that most, if not all, entrepreneurs rely on themselves far too much. They fail to manage, lead, delegate, trust, and outsource properly (or not at all).

So, who is an entrepreneur who applies leverage?

“Rich dad taught his son and me to be entrepreneurs. When I asked him what an entrepreneur was, he said, “An entrepreneur sees an opportunity, puts together a team, and builds a business that profits from the opportunity”
I then asked him, “What if I see an opportunity and I can take advantage of it by myself?”

“Great question,” said rich dad. “If you see an opportunity and you can take advantage of the opportunity by yourself, then you are a small businessman or a self-employed person.” Rich dad went on to explain the difference between a tradesman and an entrepreneur. He said, “A tradesman or craftsman is someone who can produce a product or produce a service primarily by themselves. For example, an artist can paint a picture of him- or herself or a dentist can fix your tooth by him- or herself. A true entrepreneur cannot do what he or she needs to do by her- or himself. An entrepreneur must be able to pull together smart people from different disciplines and skills and have them work together to achieve a common goal. In other words, an entrepreneur builds teams that take on products that no one individual can do on her or his own. The reason most people remain small is that they solve problems they can solve themselves.”

Robert Kiyosaki

“Retire Young Retire Rich: How to Get Rich Quickly and Stay Rich Forever!”

Kevin A Marshall, CPA, Vice President Global Investment Strategies. He is also a public speaker and entrepreneur. He can be reached at 888-520-BOSS or