We live in an era where women are no longer defined as homemakers, but they look for a career of their interest and want to be economically independent. This rise started in the 20th century and is now in the 21st century; it is time for men to adapt themselves to this rise.

But the society where we live may not have a supportive outlook for a career woman, and sometimes even the woman herself does not have the proper mindset to make the correct decision about her career. It is often the case that in a family, the husband’s occupation is the priority. If any adjustments have to be made, then in most cases, it should be done from the woman’s side.   Survey shows that most men and even the younger generation think that it is quite natural that the husband’s career comes first before the wife. Many women have the same mindset and believe that their husbands’ careers are more important than their own. We have seen many women changing their jobs because their husbands got transferred to another place, leaving the old employment, shifting to the new place, and looking for another job there. It happens so that they had started again from scratch in the new place, leaving behind the successful and established career they built in the old place. Often, if the wife is getting a transfer for a better opportunity, she may not always be able to take that opportunity for the family’s sake. I have seen many women sacrifice their careers after childbirth, citing that they need to care for their children. But when the child grows up and leaves, they become lonely and depressed.

So, if you think that you want to be successful in your career, you need to find a partner who will be genuinely supportive and shall share all the responsibilities equally with you. If that is not the case, it is better to stay single and build your career the way you want to. Otherwise, the frustration will lead to depression/ aggression, might end up in a problematic relationship, and even end up in divorce. The divorce rate is increasing day by day in working couples, and the main reason most of the time is mutual understanding and respect for each other. So, talk to your partner beforehand and then go ahead with the relationship. Discuss your long-term goal, vision with your partner, talk to each other in regular intervals, listen patiently to each other, take regular feedback from each other too. If your partner has some different vision than yours, then discuss and resolve the matter immediately. Be very sure about your partner before going for a long-term relationship; otherwise, you better be single and grow your career.