Do you value punctuality? Punctuality is a virtue that can have a positive impact on your brand as a business person. Today, people are habitually and chronically late even for important events such as a dinner engagement or their child birthday party. If you want to brand yourself as someone respectful, organized and prepared, you need to shun tardiness at all cost. Tardiness gives the impression that you care less about your job and the person you are meeting. Here is why you should always strive to be punctual.

Why be on time?

It shows you respect others and their time.

There is no rude way to shout, “I don’t’ give a damn about you or your time” as deliberately arriving late for meetings and appointments. It demonstrates how disrespectful you are to others and their time. However, being on time show how much you respect and value other people’s time. As you know, time is a factor that is static and how you utilize it matters a lot. Being late impacts negatively on others as they have to adjust and rearrange their schedules, get frustrated, annoyed and agitated, as well as feel inconvenienced. So next time you go late for a meeting or appointment, think about all that.

It portrays you as a dependable and diligent person.

If you want to make that positive impression, be sure to keep time for your appointments and job interviews. Showing up on time depicts you as a trustworthy and diligent person. It also gives the impression that you value and respect others time as well as your time. While tardiness is on the rise, show others that you are a dependable and diligent person by always being punctual.

Shows that you honor your commitments and can be trusted.

Being punctual shows how committed you are to your job and schedule. When you are always late for work show how you care less about your job and your work schedule. Punctuality is the only way you can brand yourself as someone who honors commitments and trustworthy.  It is the only way to set a good example for others who look up to you.
Whether you are a parent or a leader, tardiness is a vice you should strive to shun completely. When you are habitually late for work, your junior workmates will tend to emulate this vice resulting in a chaotic work environment as the set schedules will not be adhered to. Actually, being on time sets an excellent example for your children and juniors in your workplace.
One secret for being successful in all that you do is utilizing your time well.

Time is a valuable asset and how you used it dictates whether you become successful or a failure in life. So, when you are late for meetings and appointments, think of how you have wasted the most precious assets of the people who have to put up with your tardiness.