To get the most out of employees, most employers result in common incentives such as bonuses, exotic trips, and electronic gadgets. However, what is dawning on most employers is that these things only work for some time and are thus not worthwhile. The new trade secret involves starting a supportive organizational culture which comprises of supportive management and which leads to long-term employee satisfaction. So what are the steps to this? Here are some of them:

Be conscious of the employee

In the 20th Century, the employee was considered a resource; the means to an end. However, you have to bring the curtain down on this mentality if your aim is support. Being supportive entails being conscious of the overall employee and not just their performance at their job. An organization that only focuses on the performance of employees experiences high levels of employee turnover as the employees go out in search of companies that have a good work/life balance and that offer flexibility and in other cases, to start their own business. When an organization has a supportive work environment, it ensures that there is work/life balance, flexibility and that there is trust between the employee and the manager and this leads to a high level of performance.

Reward achievements

In this case, come up with clearly defined goals. Reward the employees when these goals are met. Rewarding employees when the job is done is more effective than the usual incentives. Additionally, it motivates employees to blossom and this also helps spring a positive organizational culture.

Decision-making autonomy

Another building block towards a supportive foundation is trusting your employees in organizing their workday hours into accomplishing the company goals. When employees are given autonomy, they seek to find ways that make the organization more efficient. In the end, they feel empowered as opposed to feeling micromanaged.

Consider the employee’s family.

Employees with families seek to have a work/life balance and so to accomplish this, allow flexibility in the regular schedule to help meet family events such as school-related activities. This will make the employees more productive, and it will also improve their mental and physical health.

Freedom to exercise new ideas

Employers need to create an environment that does away with the employees’ tendencies to constantly fret over their decisions in fear of being criticized. Mistakes are often the path to innovation and great ideas. A supportive environment will allow employees to try out new ideas and fail without fear. In the end, they’ll floor you with innovative ideas.
Do away with the age-old incentives and instead embark on creating supportive work environments and you will experience record-high levels of employee motivation.