It’s not easy to understand human psychology. Every individual has a different perspective on the “workplace” and the comfort and security in those zones. Some may opt for traditional office, whereas others prefer their setup.

The bottom line is it is the productivity that matters, irrespective of the location. Thus, some like to air their views about what they feel about “office” and its effects.


An office is a place where people go to work after being employed by an organization. Every organization has its own set rules and regulations of work ethics, and the employees are expected to adhere to them. An office is a place that has guidelines for discipline and punctuality.

When you go to the office, you have a specific time limit for reporting for work. As we say, “9 to 5 job” implies the company expects the employees to report for duty by 9 am and conclude the responsibilities at 5 pm. Thus, the person knows his designated hours of work, after which he is free to his own thing.

This pattern instills discipline in the employee since he knows that a late mark or absentee will cost him a cut in the salary for the day. In an office, each employee is assigned specific tasks. These tasks create a sense of responsibility and dedication to work.

An office is a healthy place to work if you want to gauge your true potential. The reason is the competitive spirit amongst the colleagues to perform better for brighter prospects and promotions. Each one strives to give their best for proper recognition and appreciation.


There is a conflict in mind regarding whether outside the workplace is better or adequate home space.

Majorities feel that the corporate office is more secure, disciplined, and gives peace of mind due to job security. The environment is conducive, and it is good to work with many people as there is scope for support and guidance in case of emergency. It is referred to as a “comfortable and cozy cage.” There is no doubt that taskmasters in the managers’ guise push you to the limit to perform. However, it is sometimes for your benefit to make you realize your true worth. The set deadlines for completing tasks make you aware of the importance of time and a more responsible person.

On the other hand, some people resent anyone bossing over them and prefer to be in their own space. They feel that it gives them more freedom to perform and be productive. Nonetheless, the sense of insecurity of being on your own in the marketplace without additional support can be unnerving at times. Even if you feel comfortable working in a known and familiar environment, there are strong chances of being complacent and taking things too easy without strict discipline. This strictness may not translate success and productivity as you envisaged before starting.


Contrary to the belief that an office is a torturous place where one has to slog to make a living, a different perspective will highlight all the benefits that you accrue from leading that tough, disciplined life.

Under the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, where people are given the option to work from home, many have come to realize that it is best to return to that “cozy cage” at the earliest. Many companies have found the anxiety-driven employees performing better from home. However, from the employee’s perspective, their regular office is a haven, freeing them from job security anxiety.