Did you know that 85% of workers in the US hate their jobs? This statistic implies that approximately 17 out of 20 employees in your business are unhappy. You have to ask yourself the reason behind your employees’ dissatisfaction.

It is not the role that frustrates them, instead of the environment that makes them uncomfortable. It is your most significant role as a business owner to offer a positive work environment for them. It is not enough to put a smile on your face and greet them happily every day. Make it a workplace environment where they want to be. Below are seven tips for this:

Active listening

Allow your employees to air their opinions, ideas, and concerns. Secondly, make it your duty to listen to each one of them. Employees will be unhappy if they interpret their feelings and opinions are ignored.

Treat your employees as human and not resources. Respect their needs, feelings, and thoughts. They will feel miserable if they feel disrespected in the workplace. Therefore, when they have an opinion, listen to them and resolve them accordingly without being indifferent.

Celebrate even little wins.

Employees with high morale will find their workplace a positive one. Give positive employee reviews when the chance arises, and make them feel appreciated. You can also boost their confidence by celebrating their efforts in the office.

Successful businesses found their way there through small wins. Celebrate and highlight these wins and emphasize how important they are to employees and the company at large. Celebrations should be done to motivate them to keep up the excellent work. Does your company have a reward system? Consider having one.

Do not overemphasize on the small stuff.

It is one thing to celebrate small victories, but another to not overreact on minor issues. When employees make small mistakes, correct them amicably without overemphasizing.

Your employees will not approach you for any of their concerns if you always lose your cool over minor stuff. You would not want your employees to view you as a boss who yells and snaps at them over every little mistake.

If you feel that your business lacks a positive work environment, you need to begin making changes today. Apart from the above hints, show gratitude, encourage creativity, have group challenges, and set good examples. Don’t you want your employees to trust you and feel emotionally and physically secure when working for you? Follow these tips.