The current pandemic situation has thrown the entire world and its economy off gear. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc everywhere, forcing lockdown in states and countries. Due to this lockdown, many businesses had to shutter until further notice. A sizeable number of companies had to close their offices for the staff and either give a layoff or cut their salaries.

As a leader, it is not easy for a person to face the situation and live guilt-free. After considering the plight of the furloughed employees or the ones who had to take a pay cut, especially during these trying periods, it is evident that you feel responsible for their condition as a team leader.

The pressure of guilt and the burden is more significant since you all have worked together as a happy team all this while, and suddenly you have to let go of some of the team members since the situation demands it to balance and manage company funds. The instructions or orders come from top bosses. However, as the team leader, you convey first hand to them and become part of their sudden disillusionment or sorrow. Nonetheless, there are ways in which you can free yourself from this guilt.


The lockdown and restrictions are gradually lifted as the world is trying to get back to the routine after the extended 6-8 months break. The Government is giving directives to follow while putting the business back on track. It is up to the leaders to implement the safety norms if they wish they resume duty. Re-structuring office spaces to follow social distancing, using masks, and sanitizing the workspace regularly are ways you can show the employees that you care for their health and safety. Do not force the staff to return to work if they are not comfortable. Remember, the work-from-home option is taking care of the workload as effectively as on-site working.


These are testing times for all. Losing a job amidst these crises is not easy, especially when you have a family to support and children and elders for whom to care. These responsibilities hold even for the salary cut. Under such circumstances, take the initiative to help find them an alternate job or, on humanitarian grounds, allow them to avail of the employee benefits like health insurance, education allowance, etc. This will ease a lot of burdens and give them renewed hope for survival. Another morale booster declares you are taking a pay cut, and you all are in this together without any distinction.


The losses incurred by the companies during lockdown are tremendous, and now each one is striving to recover the lost ground. However, overstressing or burning out the energy is not the solution. That can prove detrimental as the staff gradually gets frustrated and loses interest in work, affecting productivity. Please give them a breather and inform them to keep professional and personal lives separate and give family quality time. Instruct them to follow the “No professional calls, messages, or emails after office hours” attitude. Discuss some vacation plans and suggest them to take a break to rejuvenate after the hectic work schedule. Please help them to strike a balance between work and pleasure.


Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everyone’s life. It is a new responsibility to put things back on track most acceptably and appreciably. There is no need to feel guilty about anything as it is not your own doing. Just think and be positive and show compassion and support towards the less fortunate ones who had to take the blow of a job loss or reduced income.