The First Who, Then What concept is one thing leaders of some of the most successful companies have in common. As an entrepreneur, it is important to ensure that you have the right team on your bus preferably all seated in their right seats before deciding which direction to steer the bus. With the right people on board, your visions become achievable. On the other hand, having great visions without the right team is null and void.

What’s the importance of asking; First Who, then What?

Initiates the transformation from Good to Great.

Starting with the Who rather than what is one of the smartest ways of building your company as an executive or entrepreneur. This simple approach empowers you to get rid of the wrong people off your bus and leave the right ones on board. With all the right people seated in the right seats, you can drive your bus to whichever direction you desire and manage to get to your final destination successfully. The right team will make it easy for you to overcome all the uncertainties or unexpected challenges you encounter along the way.


Every great leader knows the essence of having the right people in all the most important sectors in their companies. If you have the right people, you’ll never have to waste your precious time trying to motivate or manage them. Having a team of self-motivated individuals by your side is the fastest way of growing your company through thick and thin. Their inner drive to achieve greatness is all you need to build a great company.

Right direction, Wrong People

Having the wrong people on your bus will only hinder you from achieving your goals irrespective of whether you are driving it in the right direction or not. To run a great company, you must be in a position to embrace; The First Who, Then What concept fully when the time comes.

The right people are not money driven.

Working with the right people should be a motivating factor for any leader who envisions transforming his/her company from average to great. The right people on your bus strive for the best and are not primarily driven by what you pay them. The right people are the most important assets that will help you build a great company through their sense of rigor, discipline, and self-motivation.


Hiring the wrong people will not get you anywhere. Make it your business to get the right passengers on your bus, force all the wrong people off the bus and prioritize the “who” before the “what” if you want to build a business empire that you envision.