There are a lot of things that shape who we become as adults, and among them is what fathers have to offer. Anyone who acts as a father figure never lacks a piece of wisdom to share. From the exchange, we grow into responsible adults, and in turn, when the time reaches, we too pass on the knowledge. Obviously, different fathers will teach different lessons, and the life they lead is also a great source of wisdom. In this post, we look at some of the things fathers have passed on to us.

Stand up for yourself.

Perhaps the most popular lesson of all times. As kids, our parents are there to protect us. However, a day will come, and you will have to be your own hero. That is why dads tell their kids to push back in case of any confrontation, especially bullying. This is not usually to promote violence, instead, to build one’s courage to stand up for themselves.

Chase after your passion

Doing what you love never sucks the life out you. Instead, you are always motivated to wake up every day to chase after your passion. Dads only want a happy life for their children; hence they pass on this message to help them live their dream life.

Be a source of encouragement.

There is no worse feeling than feeling like a failure. Each day, dads never lack something to tell their kids just to boost their confidence. In fact, others will extend the same hand to strangers and lift their moods. This is what we should also be doing. Whenever you can, make others feel good about themselves.

Broaden your social circle

Life is better enjoyed with friends. They light up our lives with funny jokes, crazy adventures and above all, they help us grow. As with most fathers, they will click with everybody they come across be it in the park or at the airport. Emulating such a trait has been another lesson dads have taught us.

Loyalty is gold

If there is one thing we should value, it should be loyalty. It’s hard to come by and even harder to maintain. Through the good and the bad days in office, dads always stand by their sports team. If others speak ill about their team, they will defend it with facts and heart. Such is the kind of loyalty we ought to have and protect.

Learn from the past

History is an essential part of the future. By understanding the struggles of past leaders, your country and the history of others, taking control of the future becomes easy. Avoiding messy and ugly things while embracing good vibes starts with understanding history.

In addition to these lessons, focusing on oneself, being an excellent storyteller and cherishing your partner are other things that we learn from our father. Surely, with all these lessons, it’s good to surprise fathers during father’s day and every day.