No doubt the financial industry has been slow in evolving beyond the transactional. We realize this and that is why at Global Investment Strategies, we offer next-level consultative services that will establish your business, help in personal and estate planning and come up with strategic foundations for high net worth people and advisors.

We have worked with asset managers where through understanding their underlying goals, we have devised solutions for PE firms, portfolio companies and their principals. We take a thorough look at a firm’s insurance products as well as strategies and help come up with alternative solutions that are more effective and that focus on: risk, finance, expense structure, legislation and regulations, design among other strategies including executive benefits and key persons in a business- dilemmas that companies often face many companies. Not only are our concepts effective, but they are financially efficient too.

We know that companies desire product analysis that is objective, creative and unique. Sadly, this is not so among insurance carriers as their focus is oftentimes product-centric. Wholesale agencies, on the other hand, don’t place consideration on the entire range of products or on holistic planning. At GIS, we bring creativity and help bring harmony to all these factors.
At GIS, we will focus on pricing and solutions that others might not be conscious of, while obtaining life insurance as well as advanced planning plans for our clients, both efficiently and effectively. Our models are not too specific on either the product or the carrier and are on the borderline of objective strategy and analysis of the marketplace. With our analytical tools, not only will we assess your current situation, but we will also be able to give you pointers on how to get to your goals. On our side, we keep tabs on industry trends, changes in laws, product updates and new strategies in wealth transfer to ensure we identify potential strategies that are responsive, competitive and flexible for our clients.

What We Specialize In

At Global Investment Strategies, we have some of the best talents in the financial industry and the specialists in our organization are apt to solve almost any issue that may come up.

As for our Advanced Planning team, it comprises of dedicated professionals who will breakdown life insurance policies into bits. And since our talent is diverse, we not only employ a holistic approach, but we also offer a unique outlook at various factors which may affect the outcome in your life or business.