Measuring Success: How Experienced Entrepreneurs Do It

Success is every entrepreneur’s addiction. Therefore; succeeding in entrepreneurship is an excellent accomplishment for most entrepreneurs. To get to the top, business people have to overcome numerous challenges, take risks and make sound decisions. After achieving your dream as a successful businessperson, it’s essential to consider measuring your success.

While measuring success is usually a burden for many people; here’s how experienced entrepreneurs do it:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to successful businesses. Customers determine whether a company will be successful or not. Happy customers will always come back with their friends or relatives. Unhappy customers, on the other hand; can make you close your business doors prematurely. Therefore, measuring customer satisfaction should always be a priority. Their positive and negative responses or feedback will give you a clue on whether they are satisfied with your product/service or not. Feedback from customers can be collected through various tactics such as questionnaires, social media platforms, survey questions or review sites.

Company Growth

Is my company experiencing constant growth or stagnant? This is a question that rings on many experienced entrepreneurs’ mind. Measure your business’ success by finding out whether you have actually hired more employees or declared them as redundant, gained more customers or lost them, opened more branches or closed some of them. All these are factors that determine whether your business is making good progress or not.

Pay attention to your Business’s Financial Statements.

When measuring the success of your business, it’s essential to have a closer look at your company’s financial statements. How much money are you generating? Are your expenditures higher than what you are creating? Is your wealth growing or deteriorating? Make wise decisions based on your current balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement if you want your wealth to keep growing. From your financial statements, you can be able to tell whether your business is profitable or not.

Employee satisfaction/Conduct Performance Reviews

Just like customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction matters a lot in business. You can hardly get to the top without them, so never ignore their happiness. Use performance reviews to gauge whether they are happy with their working conditions, performances or even salary packages. A company with highly-motivated, happy and satisfied employees has higher chances of succeeding as compared to another with a disgruntled, underpaid and demoralized workforce.

Market Position

How’s your business performing in the market? Do consumers know your brand or not? Are consumers spending on your products or prefer buying from your competitors? Generally, your market position matters. Embark on a fact-finding mission through reviews, social media platforms, and questionnaires. Compare your sales reports, competitors’ products and assess progress.


Entrepreneurship success is a journey that requires sacrifice, time, resources, creativity, and profound commitment. While there’s no defined singular way of measuring entrepreneurial success, emulating how experienced entrepreneurs do it will help you gauge your success effectually.