Many factors contribute to the development of a positive workplace that promotes employee satisfaction and motivation. One of these is developing a sense of community in the workplace. Not only does this result in better communication, fewer conflicts and a reduced employee turnover rate, it also enhances the ability of a company to attract top talent.

Developing a sense of community among workers is also effective in combatting loneliness and enhancing mental and emotional well-being in the workplace. Additionally nurturing a workplace community can also help companies acknowledge and celebrate diversity among workers.

How to Encourage a Sense of Community

The most important thing in developing a workplace community is not to make it look compulsory or something that is forced on employees. This implies that it is more advisable to create an environment that encourages and fosters fun, worker socialization and collaboration.

Tips on Nurturing Community in the Workplace

Make the Time

First, is essential for managers to create opportunities for workers to mingle and interact with each other. For example, the company could have regular activities to build team spirit and boost employee morale. Such activities would also enable companies to know and understand the mood around employees and to encourage more truthful feedback from employees.

Build a Culture of Recognition

Acknowledging and recognizing the efforts and inputs of employees is often one of the most underrated ways of building a sense of belonging in the workplace. Employees feel more engaged and more connected to a cause when they believe that the management of the company as well as their co-workers appreciate their skills and efforts. In this respect, it is important to build a company culture where recognition flows not only from management but also from co-workers.

Socialize over Food

It is possible to bond and build friendships and togetherness by eating together. Organizing company lunches where the employees prepare or come with the food is one way of socializing over food and appreciating worker diversity. It is also important to encourage inter-departmental interaction during such events.

Take advantage of online platforms

Online platforms such as instant messaging applications and social media such as Facebook and other forums can also be used to encourage informal employee interaction. For example, a company could have a Whatsapp group where members share memes and funny experiences.

Organize Philanthropic Initiatives in the Company

Another way to develop a sense of community in the workplace is to encourage employee-led philanthropic initiatives in the company. For example, employees may take part in a fundraising campaign to donate to Cancer Research at a chosen institute or to contribute to some other worthy cause.