Growth exhibits intricate value for any business, whether small scale or large multinationals. Most every business aspires to grow both in terms of investments and returns. Business decisions are usually taken based on strength quotient of the underlying business idea; however, the execution of any such ideas become easier when communicated in a clear and straightforward business plan. The discipline essential to express plan-of-action, strategy, and operations of a business in a written document that corroborates thorough analysis and greater clarity of the idea. There is a high probability that the business idea’s real-world application fails if the strategy is not clearly and convincingly jotted on a paper.

Two Businesses can never be identical, even if they deal with the same products and services, neither are their business plans. Though a good business plan may consist of a common theme, the story focus of each business plan would be customer-oriented.

Can a thorough business plan alone help an organization to achieve big goals? A company (MSE) that started a year ago, plans to grow into a multi-level organization, can this be achieved only through a business plan?

The answer is NO. Such a complex and enormous step cannot be achieved only through a concrete business plan. It involves imbibing the power of small wins for business success.

How to strengthen success quotient by living the power of small wins?

Rome was not built in one day; it needed continual efforts. The task of climbing Mount Everest sounds daunting, so make it achievable it is broken into smaller goals. Organizational Transformation especially, the bigger ones are best broken into smaller ones with feasible goals. Else, it can be so crushing that solutions seem unachievable. On a ladder when moving from step 1 to step 100th, people often fail to celebrate the progress on the route of achieving big goals. Bigger Business Plans are best broken down into smaller ones with concrete, achievable goals.

Breaking down the business dream into a series of modest steps

Breaking such business dream down into a sequence of modest steps, all on the route to the ultimate goal, cuts-down fear, refines direction, and increases the prospects of early successful outcomes – enhancing support for further action.

Teams must work on complex problems for achieving small wins regularly. Obstructions are common in essential issues; people become discouraged unless they can point to some meaningful progress.

Achieving a bigger business dream and the power of small wins

Initiation of the right small changes to activate a more significant change. The small wins help in garnering support. The small wins serve a few essential purposes:

  • Facilitate feedback w,r,t validity of the business plan
  • Encourages emotional uplift
  • Builds faith in the efforts
  • Makes cynics powerless


Great things in any business are not achieved in a single day; rather, it is persistent efforts of multiple people. A business owner should look for service providers that help them create statistical strategies and achieve business & personal dreams