Many guidelines inform you about the nature of the workplace environment and its effects on productivity and overall business profits.

There are two types of workplaces: strict, jail-like, constant work pressure from the bosses and the other that is more relaxed, easy-going, and accommodating. There is no doubt then that the output and performance in both environments vary drastically. Let us analyze why we have two different results since both are “workplaces,” where employees come to contribute their time and expertise to help run the organization smoothly.


The atmosphere at the workplace should be conducive where the employer and the employees share a mutual bond of respect, trust, and friendship. Asserting that you are the boss and the employees are your subordinates, hence mistreating them or demeaning them can hurt their minds. Instead of boosting their morale, you are trying to demoralize them, and that undoubtedly affects the performance. A stress-free and friendly environment encourage the worker to give better performance since he /she is at peace with the surrounding. Undoubtedly, the boss has to make sure that the employees give their 100% at work to enhance the organization’s profits and productivity. However, this is possible only if all are physically and mentally healthy, without undue work pressure and stress-related health problems. 


A little kindness and consideration go a long way, which is demonstrated when the boss shows an even slight empathy towards the employees, tries to understand their problems and helps them with solutions and proper guidance. The sub-ordinates ought to always revere an emphatic boss and try their best to rise to the occasion during testing times. Unity and camaraderie can help overcome any obstacles that occur in the company and are being a hindrance to the progress.  


Agreed that you are the boss. Nonetheless, it is not helpful in the long run if you give orders and lay back watching the show. For the creation of a more positive environment in the workplace, it is necessary that the boss joins hands with other employees and tries to get things sorted. This not only creates respect and admiration for the boss but also motivates the employees to do their bit to the best of their ability and finally complete the task successfully. When, as a boss, you take a step forward to befriend and support your employees, the gesture is reciprocated with positive outcomes. 


Generally, bosses are the task-masters with little or no concern for the employees’ problems or issues. The issues may be personal, weighing on their mind, affecting the performance or being work-related.

Anyway, a good boss must recognize the disturbed state of an employee and talk to him/her, which ascertains that the employee has a friend and confidante with whom he/she can share the problems and get a solution. 

This creates a strong bond between boss and subordinate, and the latter feels secure and at peace, knowing that there is someone who cares and understands. Hence, you find better performance from the employee, and that automatically increases productivity.

To sum up, a friendly, stress-free, and relaxed atmosphere boosts the company’s profits and performance.