In today’s world, happiness is often tied up with materialism. People are on the race to accumulate more wealth, get huge paychecks, build palatial homes et al., as these things are thought to be the epitome of happiness. Sadly this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, seeking happiness through material things is an unattainable goal.

Why Wealth Is Not Equal to Happiness

One reason why wealth doesn’t bring happiness is that once you arouse a ‘material appetite,’ it will never be satiated. The gratification and pleasure that one receives from wealth are fleeting and in most cases, swapped for long-term satisfaction. Additionally, seeking a fortune becomes obsessive, and no amount of wealth can stop this. Two, it develops into a paradox where one’s goal is to pursue the goal. This leaves the pursuer in a self-defeating position where they are hunting down something that cannot be captured. This explains why billionaires and millionaires incessantly seek for wealth, in sometimes merciless ways.

By pursuing happiness, you envision happiness from a spiritual perspective and this way, it can easily be achieved. And by “spiritual”, it means that happiness does not spring from the attainment of material things. Instead, it comes from a satisfying sense of community or belonging with others or with nature. This means developing relationships that are warm and supportive. It also means accepting one’s self regardless of the environmental circumstances.

When one is completely content with their life, their happiness is no longer connected to financial assets or physical robustness. This way, one’s peace of mind and satisfaction in life (in spite of rough patches), is assured. Therefore, one achieves a shield against the turmoil in life as there are cheer and calmness in one’s mind. One cannot cave into the gloom and doom out and about.

When one generally accepts their life as it is, they achieve ultimate control. Even if you might want to make some positive impact in the world or to make humankind and society better, you also understand your power to change external events may be limited. As such, you take part in that which you can, but you do not lose sleep over the state of affairs at the moment.
In conclusion, it is evident that happiness is a state of mind that can be accessed at any time. It doesn’t have to be pursued through the acquisition of material things. Once you embrace yourself and the surrounding environment, it becomes embedded in you.