Today’s global market place coerces managers to adapt various qualities for them to perform at their best. Every organization has different needs, and managers should have qualities that match these needs. Do you seek to be the best manager you can be in your organization? Be keen on the specific global trends affecting your company.

Below are a few qualities of a good manager in an emerging world:


Every manager needs to state exact project terms, as well as the expected deliverables. The manager should ensure that employees understand what they are expected to do. Thus, expectations should be clear so that they plan their time well and work towards achieving the set outcome.

Are you delegating some project tasks? Be clear to the employees on the metrics of measuring the project progress and outcome. A good manager engages employees to see their understanding of the expectations and finds the best ways to monitor their progress.

Offer support

Business operations have changed due to new technology, industry-based policies, and international shift. Good managers understand the importance of spending time with their employees as compared to working on their own. It is, therefore, important for managers to open up to their employees. This ensures that they delegate duties to the talented and trusted team members in the organization. Good managers are approachable to the people they lead, as a way of offering the much-needed support.


Good managers today are adaptable to changing situations. They should also support the transformation process that their employees may require to support these situations. Managers need to note such changes as aging populations, demographics and changes in resource availability. These and many more force changes in the world markets. However, a good manager should weigh the volatility of any situation and embrace the necessary changes.


Age difference should not affect you as a manager in today’s marketplace, especially where Millennials manage the workforce. Young managers, for instance, should respect experienced and older employees regardless of their positions in the organization.
Are you a young manager? It is important to surround yourself with experienced, talented employees without being led by ego. They should also feel free to interact with you for the good of the organization.

In conclusion, it takes a collection of qualities for a manager to be effective in today’s changing world. It is important to choose the qualities that best match the type of organization that a manager leads.