In the current world where people are always busy and hardly find time for others, it’s hard to find a good friend. An even harder task is maintaining the friends that one already has. So how can one be able to get past the roadblocks that hinder friendship? How can one draw more friends into their circle? Here are some tips that should guide you in getting new friends and strengthening the bond between the friends you already have:

Be genuinely interested in others

By listening to others and showing genuine interest in them, we start to love and truly understand them. Every person has the desire to feel important. Everyone has something in them that they are meant to give to the world. As a good friend, it is your mission to look for this quality, find it and then help them bring it into the world.

Desire to give than to receive

You can never run short of things to give to your friends. It could be a smile, a listening ear, a hug, a prayer, a kind word, a meal or even an encouraging word. If we are attentive to hear what our friends need, we can always come up with things to give to our friends. Now, with giving, you may have to sacrifice your time. You may also have to go out of your way to be kind to people. However, all these qualities are at the core of true love.

Be loyal

Loyalty is hard to find in the current world, but if you are to have a real and everlasting friendship, it’s a requirement. When you demonstrate your loyalty to one friend, you prove that you are worthy of many friends. One way we can show that we are loyal is through our speech. We really have to constrain our tongues if we are to build the walls of friendship. Loyalty is the opposite of tearing your friend down, sharing their personal stories without their consent and passing judgment on them. As a good friend, ensure that you use your tongue for good and not to harm.

Be positive

Everybody wants a friend they can have a good time with. Nobody wants to bring down by complaints and problems. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be conscious of your friends when they are going through a rough patch. What it means is that no one wants a constant whiner. We want to be around friends who are not only positive but uplifting too. This calls for the same from us.

In addition to this, we have to be appreciative of our differences as people. No need tearing each other just because we are gifted differently. And if our friendships are to blossom, we have to be open and honest with each other and show our real selves.