Protection Services

Protection Services

Live to work, or work to live? For most, it is neither, but rather a combination of passion around one’s work combined with love of family and a desire for time with them.

Retirement is rapidly approaching one-third of one’s life. Planning for those decades of living ensures that the years are comfortable from a financial perspective.

Doug McClure, CEO of Global Investment Strategies, describes it this way:

“We work our whole lives so we can comfortably enjoy the fruits of those labors in our retirement years. This requires planning to protect income and cash flow, and also to insure against the unforeseen and unexpected.

Life insurance is a flexible tool for protecting assets and income; for deferring taxes; and for protection in the event health issues or long term care issues arise.”

To protect against the unexpected, there are several solutions available:

There are four types of Key Man Insurance:

Long Term Care

Americans are living longer than ever, which is something to be very happy about. As you prepare for your own healthy and active retirement, add another item to your to-do list: planning for the possibility of long-term care. Exploring your options now can help lead you to a more secure retirement.

Life Acceleration Products

Life insurance is no longer only an investment that pays off at the death of the insured. Life Insurance products provide five distinct additional benefit depending on the owners desire.

  • a) Tax free retirement income
  • b) Acceleration of death benefit for
    • a. Critical illness’s like heart attack, cancer, stoke, and more
    • b. Chronic illness requiring help to bath, toilet, cloth, feeding, transferring
    • c. Terminal illness for remaining 12 months of life
  • c) Disability income needs
Disability Income Solutions

For most Americans going without a paycheck isn’t an option. Fixed expenses like loan interest payment, medical expenses, and other fixed life style costs need to be funded whether you have an income or not. A sprained wrist, pregnancy or surgery may require time away from work without a paycheck. Disability income insurance helps relieve the anxiety of not being able to earn a paycheck. This type of insurance can be short term or long term (usually ending between age 65 and 70).

Accident Insurance Solutions

There are two different types of accident insurance.

  1. a) Accident expense products provide reimbursement for any medical accident expense, whether reimbursed by health insurance or not.
  2. b) Accidental Death products provide a cheaper non-mortality death benefit for your beneficiary. This means death has to be caused by an accident, not a mortality event.
Critical Illness Solutions

Critical Illness coverage is a separate policy covering the same as the riders above. Heart attack, stroke, cancer and other. This policy will reimburse for medical expenses related to critical illness whether health insurance pays or not.

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