One common trait that cuts across all successful people is that they had a clear plan that guided them to their success. They are conscious of what they want and map out a plan that guides them to where they want to be. It is the basis of their success. We realize that for you to be successful in your life, you need to come up with a plan and then work from it. So how do you come up with a plan and stick to it? Here are some few pointers:

Create a plan that fits you.

When developing life plans, there is no one-size-fits-all. Each person is unique depending on their strengths, weaknesses, and personality. For this reason, if you want to breed success, you have to develop a plan that is synonymous with you.

Block out time for the plan.

Once you develop your plan, the next step is to set aside time to spend on the plan. It can be in an evening, once a week. It might be half an hour before breakfast. Whatever suits you, ensure that you set aside time. Also, ensure that you note down the things you want to achieve during the week. These goals should be specific and realistic. Ensure that you cultivate the discipline to act on these points each day and this will edge you closer to achieving them.

Measure your progress in a journal

Keeping a record of new ideas and inspiration is also key to breeding success. Ensure that you write down your ideas and any thoughts that may come your way. Additionally, brainstorm regularly with yourself on your destination and how to get there. Let your journal be the cradle point of all the valuable information you stumble upon.


Make time at the end of the day to reflect what occurerd. Flashback to the people you talked to, the things you noticed, the people you saw, the words they said and generally how you felt throughout the day. Every day plays a part in the narrative of your life, and it shouldn’t disappear into oblivion. Instead, ensure that the past is etched into your mind as it is valuable and this will influence your future.


The plan you develop is a roadmap to achieving your goals. So how do you set goals? Start by defining your future and how you view it as well as your dreams. Your goals should then revolve around achieving your dreams. Goals are the most significant determinant to how your life will be, so it is paramount to set them.

Act on the plan.

Creating a plan with no action is of no use. What separates successful people and unsuccessful ones is that the former is good at taking action. Ensure you strike when the iron is still hot when the idea strikes and your emotions are still high. Delaying will only cause the intention to diminish until the plan is lost. As such, step out today and act on your plan and if it is right, you will see the results.