All leaders strive to build a team where every member feels like home. Most employees spend the most considerable portion of their time at work. Having said that; it is essential to utilize their talents, and skills to the maximum through effective team building. Beware that effective teams achieve the impossible and outperform everyone else consistently.

How do I build an effective team?

Well, building an effective team requires exceptional team building skills. Without proper team building skills, there will be constant disagreements and conflicts within your team. People will never express their honest feelings, opinions or even reach their full potentials.

To understand effective team building more; here are five steps to building an effective and productive team:

Understand what an effective team is all about

The first thing you should do when considering developing an effective team is to do your homework well. Get all the facts right before making any move. Take time to understand what an effective team should be like in terms of characteristics, skills, number of members, qualifications, and abilities.


Having strong leadership skills and using them well is a plus when building a team. Like all other good leaders, you should be honest, transparent, and reliable. Can you lead by example or you’re the kind that likes to assert authority? Do you have what it takes to inspire and lead others for a common goal? To lead a team you must have the ability to make sound decisions, trust your judgment, and influence others. Are you approachable or not? Can you delegate responsibilities and tasks effectively? By and large, a good leader should have all the right traits to build an effective team. Do you want to be a good team leader? Well, it’s simple. Just being friendly, approachable, honest, understanding, a team player and a good communicator are enough.


Building an effective team involves ensuring that you have the management’s support. It takes a budget to operate a winning team that can last. Ensure you’re your team has the backing of top management leaders. Is the company willing to invest in team building activities, workshops, coaching programs, and regular training? Building an effective team becomes easy when you have the support of top management.


A flawless communication system can get you what you want. As a leader, you should have good communication skills. A great team is made possible through effective communication. Ensure that all team members are aware of common objectives, roles, and cooperate for the greater good of the team. A smooth communication process should be two-way traffic for effectiveness. Effective communication cultivates good teamwork, solid relationships, increased productivity, and less stress.


The final step is all about establishing solid relationships. A team is expected to match forward together to achieve a common goal. The only way to get the dice rolling is to foster good professional relationships with your employees. Productive professional relationships are good for business. Make an effort to know each employee individually, competencies, expertise, abilities, and weaknesses. After establishing good relationships with your staff members, it’s time to build relationships between them. As a leader, you must learn to resolve arising conflicts amicably. Remember; you’re the mediator in these conflicts, Hear both sides of the conflict and brainstorm solutions, engage the involved parties to find common ground. Celebrate each other’s birthdays, achievements, and successes as a team.


Have a well-calculated action plan, distract team members through outdoor team building activities and engaging exercises. With the right team; you can win and have fun at the same time.