The work environment at your workplace might influence quite a lot of things; more than you thought you knew. Did you know that the work environment can affect one’s performance, mood, and their drive to work? If your employees are regularly not motivated or are mum about issues in the workplace, the chances are that the office setting might be comprised of some unfriendly workers. If you want to pull the plug on such issues, you need to make it your goal to create a more productive work environment. If you are looking to do this, here are some ways you can successfully improve your workplace:

Selecting the right team members

Creating the right work environment goes way back to the root, that is, during hiring. When you hire the right people, this will catapult you towards a pleasant environment. Some of the things to look for include professionalism and people who are team players. Hiring aside, you also have to deal with the current employees. If your team comprises of toxic workers, they are likely to pass this to the others. In this case, as the boss, you’ll have to let go of poisonous employees, however hard it may seem, for the wellness of your employees.

Amp the lighting

Research shows that lighting affects workers’ attitude and performance. It has been shown that being exposed to natural light can improve one’s mood and energy, and this can impact one’s productivity and focus greatly. However, most office workers rarely get to work under natural light in their respective offices. If you can’t let in some natural lighting using the windows, fret not. Blue-enriched light bulbs are an effective alternative. They are good at reducing fatigue and increasing work performance and happiness in the workplace.

Improving the office layout

When the office is clean and attractive, it can, in turn, affect relationships between co-workers and managers. You don’t have to have the sunshine into the office. Merely making the office more comfy by getting some comfy chairs or giving the employees the freedom to choose where to work from will do the trick

Improve communication lines

You should focus on communication lines between upper management and other team members as it affects the office environment. Your employees will feel valued and motivated if they occasionally receive positive reinforcement and if they also know how their input lends in the success of the business. For these reasons, ensure that employees regularly get specific feedback on the input of their work into the business’ objectives. Additionally, you should involve staff in decision making by asking for their opinion and what they think about new and current projects. This will make them feel more valued.