So, you attend lots of meetings every day at work. It may take lots of effort to make arrangements for the meetings, gather an entire team, and then present the details in the most meaningful manner to come out with some positive outcomes. Today, most of the meetings are happening online due to the coronavirus pandemic, and people have new experiences with remote work routines.

On one side, where many of them enjoy this new normal, others are experiencing new challenges to resonate with the change. We will talk about everyday phrases that people use during meetings, and they often fail to go well with the scenario. We have also provided some tips from experts at Global Investment Strategies on why you should avoid these phrases and how to do that. This information may help you make your meetings worthwhile in the modern workspace.

“Let us wait for five minutes for everyone to join”:

This is probably the first phrase we listen to in every Zoom meeting. Although the purpose of the host is to include the entire team in the meeting, this statement often dishonors those who have joined on time while giving more freedom to those who are late. Of course, someone may be late due to some genuine reason for the meeting, but you should not offend those who are punctual. Instead of asking them to wait for the missing ones, it is better to do some tone-setting exercises or remove the distractions.

“You are on mute”:

Although you are trying to make the speaker audible for the remaining members, saying that “You are on mute” indicates towards silliness of the person. They need to click on the unmute button on the screen, but they may feel ashamed among other team members for not knowing about the mute/unmute button on the screen. You can choose some other relevant words to assist the silent speaker, maybe stating that you cannot hear them.

“Let us take this offline”

Without a clear idea of how and when this conversation will be held offline, your statement will dismiss someone’s idea. Moreover, as you have closed the scope for any follow-up online, this statement makes no sense to the presenter. Therefore, instead of saying that this will be held offline, it is better to state that you will send the update via email at further notice.

These simple suggestions can help you avoid hurting your teammates while giving them a positive environment to work in from remote locations. It is essential to ensure that your employees, clients, and customers feel valued at your platform and willing to participate. It is possible only if they receive recognition and appreciation for all their efforts. Please do not point out any person’s mistake openly as it may make him feel dumb or silly.