Organizations constitute of diverse individuals working together towards certain goals. To manage such teams, you first need to understand their different working styles. Each one of them belongs to a certain work style.

Here are the 4 most common work styles.

1. Drivers

Drivers are great at generating momentum and do well when challenged. They are also experimental, and logical. These kinds of workers tend to be quantitative and serial winners. They are the best when it comes to tackling issues that need logic and efficiency. Additionally, they are goal-oriented, purposeful, fast-paced and not afraid to make eye contact. All these traits make them great achievers. Drivers prefer top management positions such as CEOs and directors. Get in step with them by giving them the freedom to work independently, be clear and brief, don’t waste their time and get down to business.

2. Pioneers

Every organization has a group of talented people who are self-driven and always ahead of others. Generally; Pioneers are risks lovers, energetic and believe in possibilities. They’re never afraid of taking advantage of every possible opportunity that presents itself. They don’t like sitting back doing anything. On the contrary; they like creating new opportunities and are good at making spontaneous decisions efficiently. In addition to that, pioneers spark creativity, are outgoing, imaginative, adventurous, daring, lively, and adaptable.

To get the best from this group, it’s important to give them freedom, consider their ideas, mimic their energetic nature and allow them to keep shining.

3. Integrators

Integrators hate confrontations and would rather seek consensus. They are empathetic, diplomatic, and highly influential. They’re also trusting, dutiful, connectors, helpful and avoid taking risks. To work with integrators be personal, friendly, listen keenly, don’t brag, interrupt or confront them aggressively.

4. Guardians

Guardians have a reputation for their stability, rigor, orderliness and risk averseness. They are detail-oriented, practical, methodical and pragmatic. Guardians are thoughtful and cautious when making decisions. They plan and implement, maintain calm, ask questions and have a thing for concrete facts.

The best way to work with them effectively is by learning to appreciate their uniqueness, and practice patience when answering their endless questions. Never be emotional with guardians if you want them to be at their best.

Final take

Consider tapping into the four unique working styles by embracing their diversity. Learn to make room for everyone to voice their opinions and encourage them to complement each other. Cultivating a new perspective on diversity can help build solid workplace relationships, encourage teamwork, breeds collaborative dynamism and triggers creative thinking. Find a way of using these different work styles to create a winning team that’s balanced.