According to Theodore Roosevelt: “The best leader is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants to be done, and the self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
Excellent leadership skills can take a business to greater success. Leadership starts with the investor. Every business owner must have the ability to articulate their company’s vision to the rest of the people without contradiction. Good leadership is by and large all about motivation, inspiration, hard work, integrity, honesty, positive thinking, ethical & moral courage, and ethical decision making.

Being a good leader empowers you to be efficient and effective in creating an able team whose focus is to take your company where you want it. You should have the courage to emphasize the value of treating your customers well, promote or hire on merit, motivate, encourage, coach, inspire and even dictate how your employees conduct themselves without being too harsh.

In reality, exhibiting good leadership skills will make it easy for you to build &retain a highly productive team, mentor others and achieve your company’s objectives successfully.

5 Qualities of great leaders


A good leader should always be flexible in readiness for the unexpected in business. Sometimes things don’t go as initially planned. As a good leader, you should have the ability to change course in case of new government regulations, strikes, change of tactics by your competitors, and natural disasters among other things. Being flexible is the only way of ensuring that you find practical solutions that guarantee your company’s survival and goals achievement.

Good communicators

Good communication is a trait that all good leaders have in common. To achieve your company’s goals, you must be able to communicate effectively with everyone else. Be a good listener and communicate your intentions clearly to attain rapport. With good communication between the leadership and the workforce, achieving any company’s goals &objectives becomes a reality.

Patient and courageous

A good leader should have unquestionable courage and patience. He/she should also have the tenacity to deal with the pressures that come with being in business. A great leader has the courage to make the right decisions even in times of uncertainties, tackle both internal & external issues as they arise and still manage to emerge victoriously.


Humility is a must-have trait for every successful leader. Unfortunately, it’s not something that all leaders share. Being able to listen to your employees’ grievances attentively, talk to them irrespective of their positions in the company and respect them will lead your business to greater heights of success. In short, combining humility and presence is the easiest way of winning your employees’ trust, honesty, integrity, and loyalty as a leader.


Good leaders are very accountable. As a leader, you must always have the will to take accountability when things get out of hand without blaming others pointlessly. Be fast to spread out the joy of appropriate accolades without being unfair to anyone. Be responsible, and the rest will follow.
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