It doesn’t matter who you are in a relationship with, be it your spouse, peers, classmates, boss, staff members, communication remains key in every relationship. This is very true since communication is a transfer of information, honesty, and respect as well.

As a leader or a manager, you need to ensure those that you lead or manage are on the same track when it comes to open lines of communication. Effective communication allows the ability to work together towards a common goal and this is very essential in an organization ready for growth and development.

Some importance of communication between managers and their reams include the following:

Collaboration is encouraged. To achieve the best performance in an organization can easily be achieved through collaborative discussions. Such a discussion allows staff to come to the drawing table, express their ideas and those ideas have to be gone through until the right one is uncovered. As a manager, you need to create an environment where every staff can voice their ideas and insights on what should be done for the improvement and achievement of an agency’s mission. Opportunities are found within people and with collaborative discussions, a company can perform more than with only the manager dictating what should be done.

Proper motivation. Through effective communication, a manager can give constant performance feedback and employees get to better understand their daily to daily roles. Motivation results in more committed, empowered and loyal employees who work the extra mile to achieve their targets in time.

Problem-solving problem possibilities. They say a problem shared is twice solved. Solutions to a company’s issues can be easily found with constant communication. Communication also gives room for proactive approaches where teams come up with solutions before a tiny issue turns into a major problem.

Proper use of company resources. With communication a member can identify ways to cut the budget on training, recruiting and hiring. In other words, communication allows inside sourcing as opposed to outsourcing thereby saving a company’s money and time.

Solicitation of feedback. Communication allows scrutinizing feedback before implementing it to avoid similar issues affecting an organization. As a manager, you need to open to critics on feedback to improve. This allows staff members to learn from each and implement only the best feedback for growth.

If you are in aspiring manager, or already a manager, take note of the above to improve on your managerial skills and improve your team too.