Many people have in mind some companies for whom they wish to work. These are mostly the companies that treat employees as the most important human asset since they interact directly with the customers who use the products and services they produce. These companies also value the opinions of employees.

Easy as it might sound, trying to impress employees can be challenging. Below are some suggestions on how to fight these challenges and understand the intangible things employees want from employers:


Today’s workforce wants to work for companies that they can trust. You can build this trust by keeping promises and delivering individual value to them. For instance, if you promise them some benefits alongside their salary, the same should be appropriately affected. Trust is fundamental in creating beneficial and robust employer to employee relationships.

Your company can also formulate policies that acknowledge and reward employees for an excellent job done. These rewards foster a healthy, positive, trusting environment at work.

An enriched daily lifestyle

Employees want their work to offer a work-life balance. This balance is made possible with a technology-driven workplace. You can have an environment that allows them to work remotely once in a while.
Baby boomers, for instance, want their skills and competencies to be recognized. Remote work comes with accountability and pride. However, generation X employees prefer to have a friendly employer who helps them achieve their goals. Millennials want you as their employer to emphasize their individual development. Therefore, managers should be supportive and bosses approachable.

Fair treatment

Your employees expect you to treat them equally. Be ethical in your treatment towards them, and support their business practices.

Fairness extends to suppliers, business partners, and any other shareholders in your business.

Your employees will get to respect and love your company if it exhibits positive human traits. They will work for you longer if they feel that you are honest whenever they have shortcomings.

Your employees want to work in a workplace where they spend physical and virtual time in a cohesive, empowering, and supportive environment. They also wish to remain connected to friends and family who have similar interests and values. Give them this chance.

While your company’s agenda is to make profits, it should first prioritize employee wellness. Profit motives are the fuel behind increased productivity. Ensure that your employees are empowered and development programs are well funded and rewarded for their excellent ideas. Develop a positive and trusted work environment and give them roles that match their experience and interests.