At Global Investment Strategies LLC, we regularly work with high-net-worth companies and individuals, many of whom are tremendously wealthy.

Every day we learn the habits of our clients in terms of wealth creation, and they continue to teach us a great deal about financial tools including life insurance!

One of our clients says it’s as easy as a three-step waltz for him, and it goes as such:

First step: this encompasses the obvious wealth transfer, income replacement, and liquidity!

Second step: he specifically looks at life insurance as an asset and deeply understands the cash value of the policy as well as leverages its death benefits toward his legacy.

Third step: he sees the inevitable and isn’t afraid to address the succession plan in the aftermath of his death! It’s pragmatic thinking coupled with advanced life insurance planning enabling his successful business to continue for generations!

While he claims he has always been different by waltzing his way through success, this dance in his prudent planning will be seen for many generations.

He believes estate taxes have come and gone in his lifetime! His parents danced the estate-planning waltz and took care of life insurance needs. The family business would have been ruined if these weren’t in place, and he, like his father, was raised to leave the business better than it was—it is just that simple!

There are a few clients who have methods as elegant as the three-step solution he has outlined—for some the steps may be as basic as a waltz, but the solution is brilliant!

If you are looking for an elegant solution to your estate needs, contact us at Global Investment Strategies. We specialize in designing the right solution for your legacy!

Doug McClure