Many people believe that they should strive for perfectionism; however, it has few downsides, especially when you allow this feeling to take over you. People who try to be perfect over every aspect of life are more likely to waste their time making unimportant decisions. They get annoyed on even a few simple mistakes and lose their cool fast. These behaviors drain their energy fast. Moreover, while trying to achieve perfection, people start expecting others to follow their standards, which makes collaborations quite tricky.

Although perfectionism is not a bad thing in itself, it is the way of adaption that reinforces some unfortunate outcomes. It is common to see perfectionists resisting hard even for a few simple life changes. If the perfectionists are not able to realize the positives and negatives of the path they are following, it may lead to poor experiences. This quality must maintain a flow depending upon the individual situation.

For most of the people, perfectionism is about preventing mistakes and reducing the tiny margins for achievements in highly competitive situations. But there is a critical aspect of perfectionism that is ignored, and it’s “Creativity.” Below we have listed a few points defining the importance of creativity in achieving perfection:

Getting bothered by evidence against your opinion:

You are probably handling some projects, and you are ready with all the outlines to achieve the ultimate goal. In the meantime, if you find a particular argument that runs counter to your planned strategy, you may feel offended and disturbed. You may spend an unlimited amount of time to figure out and reconcile the aspects of your research. But in actuality, you have to be a little creative to combine dissonant ideas, and your project will soon come out with more innovative outcomes.

You may be curious to acquire more and more information:

Without any doubt, curiosity is closely linked to creativity. People with curious mindsets stay highly motivated to acquire new information. Some perfectionists even want to understand everything and if the stuff is less relevant to their field of work. Such excessive information may sometimes lead to a diverse set of ideas, even when the actual requirement is to follow a focused and narrow approach. In this scenario, you have to be creative enough to shortlist ideas that lead to excellence with a positive mindset.

Perfectionists are likely to find more innovative solutions:

Perfectionists are always looking for a plan that helps them to tick all the boxes, and they will do anything to achieve that. And the best part is that if they have creative mindsets, they are more likely to come up with more out-of-the-box alternatives. The creative people step into more unusual and stunning solutions to tick all the boxes because the standard options usually have some negative columns. Even when for others settling may appear a logical decision, these creative perfectionists refuse.

In short, perfectionists with a creative mindset are more likely to achieve something big in life while avoiding all the downsides of traditional methods.