Things Every Entrepreneur Has To Forfeit When They Quit Their Job

Many perks come with setting your own startup. Most entrepreneurs embark on them in the first place to have some freedom in their lives. Startups offer this because it is upon you to decide how you will spend your own time and you can, therefore, choose to spend it on your creative pursuits. Again, startups offer control and flexibility- something that’s almost elusive in a traditional job. However, the entrepreneur life isn’t all rosy. If you embark on it, here are several things that you will have to say goodbye to:

Peace of mind

There is a lot of stress that comes with being behind a startup. You’re constantly thinking about raising capital and whether it is being used in the best way. You are also a cocktail of ideas, doubts, and fears and there’s no getting rid of them. So once you embark on your own business, don’t expect much peace of mind but you can find some from time to time.

The assurance of a stable job

When you work for a corporation, you are assured of a steady job. People go on to work for companies for over 20 years. If this just doesn’t float your boat and you decide to start your own business, say goodbye to your safety net. Your business could grow into something big- or it could fizzle out. There’s a lot of uncertainty involved, and you can never fully predict the future.

Real vacations

When you are working for a corporation, it’s possible to go for an extended vacation, say, two weeks. However, when you are running your own business, it’s hard to check out for long periods. Business matters will follow you into your vacation. However, this doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs shouldn’t take some time off. On the contrary, ensure you manage your calendar so that you have some time to go on vacation.

Definite career path

When you set out on the path to self-employment, you turn your back on a stable career path. When in a startup, your time there lasts are long as the project is there. When it is over, you’re down to getting back to a full-time job or maybe embarking on a second idea-if you’re lucky to have one. When you work for a company, there is a comfort that comes with knowing what will happen next. You lose this when you start your own business.

All this shouldn’t stop you from following your true calling. Nothing beats the control and flexibility that comes with managing your own business.