Not everybody fancies a 9 to 5 job working for a corporation that may not reward them accordingly for their efforts. On the other hand, not many have the heart to quit their job and get into self-employment. The thought of losing the monthly paycheck and other benefits that come with formal employment is too scary. So they opt to stick to their jobs. If you want to start a business and you are looking for inspirational reasons to do so, here are some of them:

Getting rid of uncertainties

So let’s say you are not yet into the job market, and you are pondering on two things. One is getting into formal employment, and the other is following your passion. If you get into formal employment, you’re not sure whether you will like the job or you’ll end up getting bored. By starting your own business, you’ll get rid of these uncertainties.

You learn more

Starting your business opens you up to much learning. You see, when you are an employee in a company, you only learn of your role and your particular industry. You wear many hats when you start your own business, such as finance, marketing, operations, accounting, etcetera. You have to be on par with the change in technology, consumer trends, industry news, and new tools. So if you want to be a lifelong learner, you should start your own business.


When you start a business, you will have to think on your feet constantly. You don’t have the luxury of a team to bounce off ideas. With time, you hone your decision-making skills and learn to be independent as you grow. You also learn to trust your instincts. 

You’ll be motivated

Self-motivation is probably the reason why people get into business in the first place. Following your passion and dreams comes with excitement. You’ll be motivated to come up with ways to keep your business afloat. You may experience some sleepless nights, but one reason is many entrepreneurs are devising new ways to grow their business.

Following your passion

Ever wondered why people quit well-paying jobs to become struggling artists? Well, you’ll find out why when you decide to start your own business. You’ll experience the fulfillment that comes with following your dreams. The feeling of being your boss and creating something you love and cherish. You are no longer driven by money but by the fulfillment and passion that comes with following your passion. 

There are plenty more reasons to start your business, so trust your gut and set on the road not taken to achieve your dream.