Success in the business world is no longer about the profit margins. The field has evolved over the years, and other factors have become points of pride and success. One factor is employee retention and the ability to work as a unit, among others. That said, I want to direct the focus on employees, particularly employee motivation. A company can’t have high-profit margins, high retention rates, and teamwork if there is no motivation. I have gathered a few tips to help motivate your employees.

Give employees freedom.

Working with a gun over your head gets the job done, but the results are different from when compared in a free environment. Employees appreciate freedom in the workplace. They can accomplish tasks within the deadlines, and they feel at ease working at a no limitation kind of situation. Customizing working hours or their office spaces is an example of freedom given.

However, as much as we give employees freedom, it is essential to track their impact. The freedom could have its negatives. So, always let the employees know there is a job to be done without taking the freedom away.

Foster loyalty.

I have come across many challenges, but with a dedicated team, we have been able to prosper. Our team is our greatest asset. Success couldn’t be possible were it not for the loyalty of our team. To cultivate loyalty, it is through equal power distribution and listening to employees’ opinions and grievances. As a result, the team feels a belonging that translates to high retention rates.

Have a friendly environment.

We can accomplish tasks because they are all friends. They come together and help each other get the job done. Outside work hours, they share a laugh and interact with each other. When there is friendliness in the work environment, nothing can come between the employees. Therefore, build such a culture to allow employee engagement.

Have a culture of recognition.

Nothing boosts morale and engagement, like celebrating successes. Employees need to feel a sense of accomplishment. Aside from giving them freedom, let them take charge of their tasks. Allow them to pick the strategies and technologies that work for them. These, together with celebrating success, help the employees feel accomplished, consequently increasing their engagement.

There is no one answer to employee engagement and motivation. Nonetheless, you can always start with the above to improve your work environment. They are proven and tested, and we continue to follow them here at GIS.