For the longest time, seasonal jobs have provided young individuals a platform to learn and earn over the summer. The retail industry is synonymous with this kind of hiring. For that matter, businesses that lie in this bracket need to learn how to tap into Gen Z’s minds. Of course, Gen Zers are the ones taking over these jobs. Therefore, to avoid having a difficult time in the hiring process, retailers should integrate the lifestyle of Gen Z in their hiring strategies. That is:

Try modern application methods

For the Gen Zers, it’s all about technology. Consequently, meeting their instant expectations and using mobile-first apps helps encourage them to apply for the job. These are easy and fast methods to hire seasonal employees. It is expected of the retailer hiring also to give quick feedback, which boosts the way the prospective hires view your workplace. For Gen Zers, the conservative paper-based application may put off their excitement in applying for the job.

Use current technology

Gen Zers have a high appreciation of technology. Retailers should, therefore, seek management tools such as those with AI capabilities to help empower their managers and employees. These tools take care of repetitive tasks, shorten the time-off request period, and build a schedule where everyone is happy. Not having such technologies is a deal-breaker. However, it’s essential to balance these with human contact. After all, even Gen Z need to trust their managers and be trusted. This mutual trust only happens when they have face to face interactions.

Give real-time feedback

Seasonal employees don’t need annual reviews. Instead, real-time feedback motivates and enables them to know how they are performing. Any Gen Zer takes any constructive informal feedback and uses it to prove their worth in the business. This feedback sets an excellent foundation to be hired come next season. For managers, real-time feedback acts as a metric should they want to give the employee another chance next season.

Start recruiting early for the next season.

Rather than going through the same hustle for the next season hires, you can use the employees’ pool you have now. This way, successful employees who show potential and are on top of their job can get a free pass in the next season. Making them go through the hiring process again is brutal and shows no trust and appreciation for their efforts. For most Gen Zers, the likelihood of returning to the same store for hire is very high. Thus, evaluate them now, and should they pass, invite them again without the whole tiresome process.

Once you have figured out what the gen Z find attractive in your store, and how you handle things, the seasonal hiring process becomes easy. They, too, feel more attracted to your business model, and they become eager to work there.