“Think Different”

You might have heard this quote from many motivational speakers, team leaders, and mentors.

But very few people realize that to think differently, once should first learn to see differently.

Successful innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs around the world follow a different perspective to look at things. And that is the main reason why they can locate opportunities that other people may miss.

Who doesn’t know the famous story of Velcro? George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, once gave a closure look to the seeds that he found gripped to his clothes while enjoying a walk in the woods. He observed those seeds with a microscope and noted how nature had designed tiny hooks on these small burrs forming a strong bond with his clothing. And this idea later gave birth to Velcro. Even today, there is a newly emerging branch intimating the aspects of nature to find some reliable solutions for human problems; it is widely known as Biomimetics.

Similarly, many creative entrepreneurs around the world took the initiative of looking at things differently; and their extraordinary minds gave birth to new inventions. Once a great mathematician said that small accounts are more concerned with exceptional things; however, great minds focus on ordinary things.

This different perspective of looking at things can be better defined: de-familiarization. The idea is to refuse to accept the familiar things in objects and taking a distorted and unique perspective to analyze them. The thoughts may appear strange at times, but they may lead to some significant outcomes if they get the right direction.

Two people can have a different vision while looking at the same thing. Our brains work uniquely, and we need to recognize those creative thoughts hidden inside.
Many people ignore their thoughts due to the fear of isolation; however, few others take them to the next level to create miracles.

These few examples give us new opportunities to live life, while stop seeing the world with a universal perspective. It is not always good to see things as a whole; sometimes, you should breakdown them, not pieces, and see something more than other people might be seeing. This simple technique can help us to come up with more revolutionizing ideas. The concept is not just for artists or entrepreneurs; this is an excellent idea that everyone must follow.

There is a famous saying of Sherlock Holmes; “You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear”. We may see several new things every day; but how many times we observe them with a mindful approach. You can find ways to make different observations once you learn the ability to see things from a separate perspective.
Usually, our brains do not pay much attention to the things around; but once you learn to focus, you will experience a different operation. This is how you can make changes in your life, and in the surroundings as well.