Team building becomes effective and functional when its leadership and members are willing to give their all to make it happen. The team you build today will determine your success tomorrow. For this reason, you have to do whatever it takes to ensure that all members connect and are willing to work with and for each other at all times. Keep in mind that when an individual member fails, the entire team fails, and vice versa.
To get started, here are 10 crucial team building tips to consider

1. Sell a common vision

All team members should have a clear picture of what your main objective as a company is all about. Make it clear to everyone where you see your company within a certain time span and what you expect them to do to accomplish a shared vision.

2. Set realistic goals

A team will probably get along with each other when they develop common goals. Encourage all team members to work together in support of your organization’s shared objectives. Nevertheless; the common goals you set should be realistic and achievable.

3. Commitment

As a team leader, you are expected to set the pace, tone, and attitude of your group. Therefore, you are expected to show your uncompromising commitment to the achievement of your organization’s goals. Never forget that your character will be what your team develops around. When team members feel your commitment, they will transform into what you want effectively.

4. Be supportive

In any team building set up, supporting each other is highly recommended. A team that does not add value to each other is doomed to fail. Seeing the value in others irrespective of their contributions can yield solid positive relationships and strong connections within a team-leading to success.

5. Involve the management

One of the best ways to build a team that can achieve significant accomplishments collectively is by earning support from the top management. Make you that your team gets management support through regular training programs, workshops, coaching programs, and rewards/incentives initiatives. Their support and participation will motivate all members to connect for a common goal.

6. Pick a suitable location

Picking an appropriate location can boost team building effectually. Members will not have optimal fun when engaging in team-building activities within their workplace. Taking them somewhere nice will encourage increased attendance and motivation to be part of the team.

7. Pay attention to what your team needs

Take time to learn what each team member needs to be more productive. Listening to their views, perspectives, or opinions may help you have a better understanding of what team members need.

8. Have interesting themes

Embracing different team-building issues such as celebrating success, making a difference, integration, and innovation, or igniting team spirit can make your work easier. Your themes should be in line with your organization’s objectives.

9. Encourage healthy competition

Do you want to build a capable team for your projects? Well, encourage healthy competition. Healthy competitions lead to improved relationships between members. Don’t hesitate to compliment, cheer, or congratulate winning sides in any team-building event.

10. Choose interesting activities and have fun

Opt for exciting team building activities such as water balloon toss, potluck, and a battle of the air bands, egg drop, Jigsaw puzzle pieces, blind retriever, and show and tell among others to keep everyone on their toes. Encourage all members to have as much fun possible and take photos for future references.