At Global Investment Strategies, we have helped many businesses solve different problems obstructing them from achieving their goals and rightful place in the competitive world. One recurring issue that undermines their success is teamwork. If there is friction between the members, then conflicts arise. Also, when there is no teamwork, there is a weak organization and missed project deadlines. Based on my years in the financial services and now as a member of the leading business and financial planning strategists, I can confidently state the characteristics of good work team members from what I have experienced.

Good team members;

Have excellent communication skills – To make your opinions known to team members, you have to be able to speak your mind. If something isn’t working for you, you should be able to communicate it courteously. Therefore, team members need to have excellent communication skills.

Are fair – It is easy for people to take credit for other people’s good work. This is especially for team leaders. In a real sense, without the contribution of others, the success of the project couldn’t be achieved. So it is important to share the credit or take the appropriate credit.

Are reliable – Businesses have different people working on different assignments. If one person in a team slacks off, then the efforts of others are undermined. One has to, therefore, try their best to meet deadlines and complete their tasks at all times.

Are honest – Deceit and manipulation usually breeds distrust. Without trust, no team is functional. Thus, team members shouldn’t play games to deliver a point or even hide the truth. A good team member is straightforward and honest, which contributes to finding a solution to a problem right away.

Have a positive attitude – Positive energy is highly appreciated, especially in the workplace where it is easy to lose focus. Hence, team members should try to have a positive attitude to infect others with positive energy securing success.

Makes their contribution to the team- We all have our strengths and weaknesses. In an team, members should complement other’s weaknesses by providing a unique skill set. A team player can complete the team into one working machine. At the same time, one shouldn’t be ashamed of their weakness as there is someone in the team who can help out.

When team members share the load and desire to have the above traits, everything else runs smoothly. We always encourage our clients to foster an environment where employees can develop such traits for the benefit of the company and have a united working environment.