What traits are typical to successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg? Well, if your quest is to find answer to this pertinent question, sit and relax. Here are 12 traits that are well ingrained in every successful entrepreneur DNA.

They set clear goals.

Without a well thought out action plan and clearly set goals, you are bound to experience failure in whatever that you embark on. All successful entrepreneurs are aware of this and will always ensure they set clear goals of what they want to undertake.

They have unwavering self-confidence.

All world class entrepreneurs have a strong belief in themselves. They will not cower down at anything once their mind is set. They defy all odds until their fixed mission become a success.

They take calculated risks.

Successful entrepreneurs are well aware that the other side of a sensible risk is where their success lies. They will not shy away from engaging in a well calculated risky investment or innovation. They have this firm belief that awesome things in life are found on the other side of reasonable risk.

They are customer oriented.

We live in a fast passed society where things are changing somewhat drastically. Customers’ needs and preferences likewise keep on changing. Successful entrepreneurs have this trait of always being innovative and will create new products to keep abreast with customer’s need and preferences change.

They view failure as a learning opportunity what works and that which doesn’t.

If you ask any successful entrepreneur, they failed multiple times before they could learn how best to do what they do best. Therefore, if you want to be in the realm of entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, don’t be afraid of failure. Failure teaches one how to succeed.

Never cease learning.

There always something you don’t know no matter how confident in what you think you know. To a successful entrepreneur, every moment in life is an opportunity to learn something new.

They have an open mindset.

What makes world class entrepreneur unique is the fact that they never sit back in their comfort zones. They welcome new ideas from others with an open mind. They take everything seriously and will learn from virtually everyone any anything.

They embrace technology.

Successful entrepreneur view technology as a vital ingredient for any business success. Therefore, they always ensure they keep abreast with the ever changing technology.

They constantly network.

Networking with likeminded individuals in your niche has a lot of advantages to a business. Through networking, entrepreneurs are able to meet new clientele besides enriching their entrepreneurial skills.

They think and act like millionaires.

Our mindset plays an active role in influencing what we attract from the world around us. World-class entrepreneurs usually visualize success before it happens. They have a millionaire mindset which contributes significantly to their tremendous success.

They have a robust inbuilt resilience.

Life as an entrepreneur is not bread and butter. It is full of numerous obstacles and uncertainties. However, all world class entrepreneurs have a strong inbuilt resilience that helps them overcome all the hurdles that come their way.

They employ a great deal of caution before executing any big decision.

For every action, there is an equal opposite reaction. The same applies to every decision we make in life. It has consequences, whether bad or good. Great entrepreneurs are aware of this and will carefully scrutinize the long term and short term consequences of any given massive project before executing it.