Life is full of ups and downs, but still, you owe it to yourself to live fully. Often, going with the flow doesn’t cut it. It becomes frustrating and boring at which point, it is time to evaluate your life. That is where intentional living comes in.

From the name, it’s a life with intent or purpose. Not just going to work just because society dictates so, or having a car for the sake. Intentional living is all about getting to live a satisfactory life based on finding purpose in what you do. To fully understand this concept, this is what you should know;

Answer the ‘why’ question

Part of finding the reason to what you are doing is answering the question why. It starts by figuring out the end goal to your actions. Once you answer this, weigh how you feel about it. If it is satisfactory and you feel happy then keep going at it, but if you feel conflicted, re-examine the choices you have made.

Have core values

Intentional living aligns with your core values. That is how you are able to go after what you really want and what matters instead of going with the flow. To make sense of this, one is proud when they are living according to their core values. It is one way to know what these values are and to keep you on track.

Do not stress if you haven’t figured out life

The concept of living with a purpose can put pressure in your life until you become numb. You become overwhelmed such that you do not know the way forward. Consequently, if you haven’t figured out your life, take it easy. Avoid the stress and depression it can lead to by overthinking it.

Accept responsibility

One way to achieve success in intentional living is to accept responsibilities. Rather than making excuses for whatever shortcoming, realize you have the power to change the situation by making choices. Do not live in the bubble of finding solutions in excuses. Take charge!

It is a never-ending process

Intentional living isn’t a one-time thing. It is a lifestyle that you have to work hard to maintain. Living each day according to how you want and what you love. Therefore, make adjustments whenever you feel like there is no purpose to press on with intentional living.

This is what intentional living is about. Making decisions repeatedly, doing what is right according to you, and doing all the above. With this definition, you are on your way to embracing intentional living.