Thanks to modern technologies, businesses can make and implement full-proof strategies that lead to success. One of these techs is location intelligence. So far, we know how companies like lyft have used data from this tech, and yelp to enhance the customer experience. Using the same logic, the same technology can be used to aid employees to make their work easier and meet their targets fast. With the MapAnything and Salesforce coming together, the idea is now possible. Salesforce Maps will enable employees to better customer experiences and increase performance. This location intelligence CRM tool will;

Decode big data

Dealing with big data is overwhelming, especially if several tools are involved. The time it takes to make sense of any insightful information is time wasted. Sales reps find this exhausting, and it affects the overall sales numbers. However, Salesforce maps make it easy for sales reps to make intelligent decisions based on the maps sales territories. These territories are well balanced to give the reps an equal opportunity for them to reach the threshold.

The Salesforce maps will connect reps with customers on the go and, additionally, provide all data on their phones. Those who still have the Salesforce app can still access the maps with ease as well.

Enhance customer-buying experience

To some extent, it’s no longer about prices. If a company has favorably priced goods but a bad reputation in terms of customer experience, the products will likely remain on the shelves. Customers nowadays prefer a satisfactory experience. If you fall below their expectation, they move on to the next.

This doesn’t have to be, and should not be, the case. Therefore, Salesforce maps have a role to play in customer-buying experience. For the service industry, they can avoid the rage of customers who have waited long by notifying them on their ETA. Furthermore, the tool simplifies data about the rep’s territory, thereby creating time to build a relationship with customers. The reps can schedule their time to allow adequate time for big meets.

Make data accessible

Sales reps have a tough job as it is. They do more than sell stuff. They have to figure out who they are yet to visit and how to engage them. Salesforce maps, therefore, bring all data under one roof, consequently giving more meaningful leads and insights. The reps can get data like unattended customers and where to start and at what time.

Essentially, the Salesforce map is a tool that will change the lives of salespeople while boosting customer experience. Location-based intelligence is and will be a technology worth exploring. Don’t miss out.