Learning is a continuous process. As we live each day, we encounter new experiences that present us with new opportunities to learn new things. Actually, education can be equated to how living things grow. When something is living, it, but when it dies, it no longer continue to grow. In the same premise, human beings continue to learn until their death. The dawn of the 21st Century made learning even more vital since things are changing rather fast. To keep abreast with these changes, one needs to continuously learn, especially if one is in a leadership position.
Compelling reasons why great leaders never stop learning.

Learning opens their mind to envision a great future.

Continuous learning opens up one mind to imagine of great things that can happen in future. When leaders visualize the picture of a great future, it becomes easy for them to inspire other like-minded individuals to actualize the envisioned future into reality.

They set their performance level higher and higher.

One good thing with new challenges is that they help us to grow better and stronger. When leaders challenge themselves to try new and challenging ideas, there is an improvement in their performance which is in turn reflected in those whom they lead. Excellent performance in leadership can only be achieved where a leader takes the risk of trying new things never done before.

They are keen to learn valuable lessons from other people’s experiences.

The best kind of learning is the one that involves actual experiences. Leaders are able to tap knowledge, the skills, experience, and wisdom of others who had successfully achieved what they want to do through learning. Learning from experiences of others enables the leaders to complete the set goals at an accelerated pace.

Learning enables leaders to predict future events better and faster.

When leaders engage in continuous learning, they are able to envision changes that will happen in their area of specialization early and respond promptly and appropriately. Most prominent leaders always see through the future and hence always strive to keep abreast with emerging trends.
They set the standards of good leadership.

Prominent and influential leaders usually lead from the front. They do set a good example of how to lead. Through, continuous learning, great leaders are able to grow and develop faster in leadership skills.

Leaning is a beautiful thing, and every human being should have the zeal to learn every moment of their life. Since our world is continuously changing, we should follow the lead of the great leader to start falling in love with learning.