Want High Productivity? Take Time Off

Entrepreneurs have been known to spend over 80 hours per week working on their venture with no prospects of slowing down. This is probably because there is an intrinsic motivation that keeps them going. However, most business advisers are instructing budding entrepreneurs to strive for a work-life balance to increase productivity. If you are an entrepreneur that is continuously working your back off, it’s about time you took some time off. Here’s why:


When managing your own business or startup, there are many rough patches along the way. Additionally, there are long days, late nights and you might have to work into the weekends. You are constantly grinding. A vacation offers downtime, and this can have positive effects on your subconscious. Furthermore, after a vacation, you become more focused on the tasks that are before you.

Work-life balance

With a vacation scheduled, you get to squeeze in activities that are not work-related. You can embark on longer workout hours, mountain climbing, backpacking or even spending more time with your loved ones. Also, with a vacation in the horizon, your friends and family can be at ease when you spend long hours at work because they know they will get to spend time with you when you go on vacation.

Time to think

Are you facing a slump in creativity? Are you unable to come up with fresh ideas? Well, taking a vacation might replenish your well of ideas. By leaving your office and heading to the coast or the country, you free up some time that automatically leads to new ideas.

Meet deadlines

This comes to play when you know you’re about to go on holiday. When there is a vacation in sight, you manage to get a lot of work done. You ensure that all the necessary tasks are ticked off freeing you to enjoy your vacation. This is the power of slotting a vacation into your schedule.
When planning for a vacation, plan your work around the vacation. Most people do the opposite, and they never get to go for the trip. They hope that they will get some free time and some money for trips every year, but this never seems to happen. By planning your work around your holiday time, you engineer your business into funding your goal. You embark on strategies that ensure you have time and money on your hands to ensure you go for your dream holiday. As an entrepreneur, if you want high productivity, taking some time off is the way to go.