Competition is stiff in every market niche, and businesses are sparing no penny in trying to win new customers. Also important is keeping the already existing customers and stop any poaching attempts by the competition. However, many will admit that achieving customer loyalty is not easy. That’s where going the extra mile comes in. This entails making more effort than what is typically expected. It is also something that should be embraced by everyone in the business and not just a single department. So how can companies to go the extra mile in a bid to reap customer loyalty? Here are some ways:

Going beyond

When interacting with a customer, there are common expectations. You are expected to do what meets the customer’s needs, and all is done. But it is only when a business goes above, and beyond the norm consistently that customer loyalty will be reaped. It shouldn’t be tasking at all. A simple gesture, such as helping to carry heavy grocery bags to a customer’s car will make a lasting impression. Look for areas that you can go above and beyond in your business.


Giving something extra will ensure that the customer comes back next time. It’s common knowledge that everybody loves getting gifted at no cost. On the other hand, this gesture might not be appealing to businesses because of the cost implications, but there are ingenious to ensure it doesn’t cost much. Identify areas that you can gift your customers, and you will have some loyal customers.

Identify a need

In your interaction with customers, try to identify immediate challenges or needs that you can address. By solving a problem, you might stumble the unexpected extra that will make the difference in your customer’s life. This means that you have to be on high alert and be aware of what your customers might need before they establish it on their own.


Businesses will occasionally experience hitches that don’t rub well with their customers. In such a situation, don’t just rectify the situation and apologize. Instead, ensure that the customer feels even better than they were before. For example, if you have to make a replacement or give a refund, why not throw in a 10 percent discount to soothe the inconvenience? Studies have shown that customers switch to other businesses even when they are satisfied with their current provider. Don’t give them a reason to stop coming to you for business.

It’s very infuriating to a customer when they are taken for granted, so don’t have your customers feeling this way. Ensure that each time you have an interaction with them, that they feel appreciated.