Are you a business owner wishing to entice clients to become regulars? Of course yes! All businesses want this. It’s tough to remain relevant and afloat particularly when all businesses are fighting for the same client pool. For this reason, you have to stand out from the rest. Have a unique trait that the clients will love about your business. The trait in mind is valuing your clients, truly value them. To do this, you have to go beyond meeting expectations and needs. This is the tough part and few businesses can brag to have done so.
To do more than basic customer service, you need to;


Passing on information to clients about any development in your services or products will be a good way to show that you value them. Be it a product upgrade, recall, special offers, relocation of stores etc., clients will find it helpful to have this knowledge. Send them newsletters with detailed information about, say sales offers. Include dates, products, and time for the sale.

Return the favor

We need each other to grow. In case your clients are business owners as well, make the effort to be their customers too. If they offer products and services you need, get transacting with them to build a long-lasting relationship. Avoid going elsewhere for products you can find in their stores since it will mean you only value them when they bring their business in yours.

Value your business

The vibe your business gives to clients explains how well you value them. Therefore, be presentable. Create an environment that will entice clients and they will comfortable in. From the cleanness of your store to your display to your music, let the client see you value them through how you treat your business.

Care for your clients

Simply put, be there for them outside business transactions. Share their joy with congratulatory messages, handwritten if possible, when something big happens in their life such as them get married or their kids graduating. Do not forget to also be there for them during the hard times as well. Send flowers, get well cards, condolence messages and so on depending on the situation.

Treat VIP clients with the VIP treatment they deserve.

There are those clients who are always in need of your business. They never waiver. These clients deserve to be treated like VIPs for their unconditional support. As such, come up with a list of such clients and let them be the first to know of new products, special offers, and free gifts.

Truly valuing clients isn’t as easy as you may think. You must be willing to go the extra mile to please them and make them smile anytime there are in and out of your business.