In this life, regardless of how tough life is to you, there’s someone else who is facing more significant challenges. These challenges apply to many areas. It doesn’t have to be limited to making money, having a place to sleep, or getting food. Some may be unable to get an education or engage in entrepreneurial projects. This reason is why everyone should participate in giving back. Sadly, when most engage in giving back, they expect something in return. Some offer cheap products, and in return, they get free advertising space. Well, this is a downright business.

Giving back entails giving without expecting something back. There will be no benefits for you, recognition, or something tangible coming your way. The main drive is to make a difference in someone’s life. So if this is the giving back you want to engage in, here are some charities that you can contribute to:

DonorsChoice is an online charity that helps in classrooms all over America — started by Charles Best, a social studies teacher in a high school in the Bronx, who sensed that people would like to fund distressed public schools. On the site, you start by choosing a project you’d like to support. Next, you set the amount you’d like to inject, and then you transfer the money. However small the amount you are contributing maybe, you still get feedback and transparency from the site. You will know where the money goes to and the outcome of the project on which you’ve settled. You’ll even have access to photos of the projects, and you might also receive some letters from teachers and students.


It feels great when you secure a loan to fund your entrepreneurial project. This site is an online platform for loans. By signing up, you get to help entrepreneurs worldwide by loaning them some money. The projects on the website are numerous and include the arts, education, agriculture, manufacturing, services, clothing, retail, among others. Some projects might require vast sums of money, but the good thing is your contribution will be combined with others, and the project will become fully funded.


Other charities include Causes, which is a platform for philanthropy and activism. Next is Network for Good, which is a site for people who want to join volunteering on the internet from the comfort of their homes.
There are plenty of other sites that you can check out and therefore take part in changing someone’s life.