What is inspiration? Is it imperative in our life? How can we get it? If we know the meaning of inspiration, these questions can be answered. But, unfortunately, the world is obsessed with talent and ability, and thus they tend to overlook the role or importance of inspiration.

“Inspiration responds to our attentiveness in various and sometimes unexpected ways” – by famous spiritual writer, Wayne W. Dyer describes the word inspiration the best. Yes, it has the power to bring out the unexpected from the expected.

People can be skilled, talented, capable, and doing their job the right way, but if inspired, we can expect a much better outcome than what they usually will do. Research shows that inspired people will be more open to new ideas, experiences and more absorbent to their work. Some unique ways cannot achieve inspiration, but it triggers from some incidents happening around us. To be inspired, we need to be more open to inspiration and are only more likely to experience it. We should have a strong desire to master our work and to outperform our competitors. Inspiration is least related to the enhancement of resources, but the leaders and managers play a vital role in inspiring their employees with their planning of way their employees. The five critical roles that the leaders should play are as follows:

  1. Strategic vision to inspire and motivate
  2. Empowering employees at all levels
  3. Sharing and accumulating internal knowledge
  4. Gathering and integrating external information
  5. Enabling creativity.

Inspiration can lift self-esteem, creativity, and optimism. In addition, research shows that inspired writers are more efficient and productive and spend more time writing than pausing.

Inspiration is not the same as the positive effect, but definitely, it will reduce the negative though in a person and drive him towards more positive thoughts. Inspired people will show an increase in creativity as creativity involves seeing possibilities beyond constraints, and there the inspiration will always guide you. The inspiration facilitates progress towards goals as it has been found from research that the inspired students achieve much better results than those who are not. Inspired people experience more purpose in life and more gratitude. Inspiration is also very much related to a person’s well-being. As it brings or increases the positive outlook towards life, it ultimately reduces the negative thought and brings out a positive approach towards life.

Though pressure cannot bring inspiration, we can always get inspired if we have an open mind and a positive approach to life. A single leaf falling from a tree can also inspire you if you look at it with a positive sense. Look at the positive side of things instead of thinking about their negative aspect. Small accomplishments can also boost up inspiration, setting off a productive and creative circle.

So, we should all try to set up the optimal circumstance for inspiration for everyone, recognize the sheer potential of inspiration, and act accordingly.