Success in business first originates from the inside before making its way to the world. Its seed is sown in the form of our attitude. Attitude is important because it has an impact on our work performance, our relationships and on everyone who’s around us. Individually, we all have two choices. We can result in self-encouragement or self-defeat. This, in turn, rubs off on those around us. For example, if you have a positive attitude, those around you will pick up also and everyone in your business will feel positive. This also gets to your customers and they feel good working with you. On the other hand, if you have a negative attitude, your staff will have low morale and customers will not do business with you. For this reason, there is a need to have a positive attitude. So how does one achieve this? Here are a few things you can do:


You can re-engineer your attitude by changing your subconscious through positive thinking. This entails uttering to yourself words that are filled with conviction, faith, and power severally throughout the day. This way, you will trigger a positive vibe that will initiate action.

Finding your drive

Take a look at your life to discover what motivates you or what makes you want to change your life. Some common motives include financial gain, fear, love or anger. Identifying these motives will inject enthusiasm and self-belief into your self-motivation efforts.


Many high-achieving individuals such as athletes and artists cite visualization as a key motive in enhancing their skills. By visualizing what you’d want in life, you will, in turn, improve your attitude.

Attitude talk

The reason why we have a negative attitude is probably that we have a negative internal dialogue. This is the outcome of negative programming as a result of negative past experiences. This negative internal dialogue programs what the brain does and this translates to our behavior. Replacing it with positive dialogue will boost our attitude.

Being conscious of our words

Once we release words into the world, we cannot take them back. This, therefore, demands that we watch our words. In most cases, what we say is a reflection of the state of our hearts and what we believe. If we only utter disparaging things about our situation, then we need to change our heart’s condition.


It pays to have enthusiasm in order to remain motivated. Enthusiasm enables one to use their gifts effectively. It’s the desire in us that translates determination, spirit, and commitment and is a great boost to a positive attitude.