Have you ever wondered how the company you choose to surround yourself with impacts and influence your choices? Believe it or not, but the company we keep determine who we are. Expecting to achieve your ambitions, dreams, or desires when you only surround yourself with a bunch of jerks is ridiculous. On the contrary, your life will be a total mess. Wisdom is choosing to hang around people who inspire and motivate you to keep pushing forward towards your goals.

As much as most of us refuse to admit, the people you keep in your circle can either inspire or drain you depending on how you pick them. Why do we expect positive changes in our lives when we only surround ourselves with negative people? Life is too precious, not mentioning short to waste time with people who will never believe in your thoughts, support your ambitions, or even encourage your dreams. Funny how your goals and aspirations become easily achievable when you start surrounding yourself with the believers, the dreamers, the positive, the brave, the hardworking, the planners, and the doers.

Avoid shallow friendships that have nothing to offer to your life. We all have different characteristics, beliefs, and ambitions. Having said this, you should always have the courage to pull away from negativity, and toxicity by associating yourself with uplifting people. At this point in life, you cannot afford to choose the people you want to surround you wrongly. Apart from our personal experiences, we all know of that friend, relative, or colleague who messed up their lives for hanging around jerks.

To grow, you’ll have to surround yourself with an array of success-hungry, people who are willing to challenge you to do better yourself. The circle you keep should not be the reason you go down. Instead, it should make you a better person. Sometimes, friendships are not all about the quantity but the quality. There’s more to life than keeping friendships that are fruitless. You owe no one an apology when it comes to walking away from immaturity, and negativity.

There is a whole beautiful world out there fraught with supportive, inspiring, and nourishing people who can help you shape your destiny positively. Surround yourself with the believers, thinkers, and the doers to help awaken the greatness within you. You don’t necessarily need to change the people around you. But, you have the power to change the company you choose with whom to associate yourself. Remember, energies are highly contagious.


There’s no point in keeping friendships that yield an adverse change in your life. Make the best out of your life by surrounding yourself with honest individuals who are better than you, make you happy, the value you, improve you, motivate, inspire, and thrive on nothing but positivity. At the same time, steer clear of judgmental people, make excuses all the time, toxic, adverse, and blame others for their failures. You owe yourself that much.