The amount of job recruitment has increased manifold nowadays, but it has become much worse than before. The process involved in present-day hiring has a lot of loopholes and thus needs rethinking and re-evaluating.

After world war II, the recruitment process involved many steps. First, the companies used to create job positions that will be beneficial for the company, followed by the advertisement of recruitment. Then, as the candidates applied for the job position, it was first the scrutiny process to determine the candidates to be called. Then the candidates had to go through many interview processes like skill tests, reference checks, personality checks, IQ tests, and extensive interviews to know the person better. This process produced much better results providing the most suitable candidates for the position.

In present days, the whole scenario has changed. Now, the companies invest more in the recruitment process but take less responsibility or care in selecting candidates. Most companies are outsourcing the hiring process. These agencies again have subcontractors who do the job for them. HR subcontractors are looking for potential candidates with the help of technology like using cookies and matching the criteria of the candidates by accessing their curriculum vitae. They sometimes even contact the candidates directly and persuade them to make an offer and negotiate their salaries (they get incentives if they can settle for less). On the other hand, when the applications come online, they check the criteria with the help of tracking software. Most companies are not monitoring the hiring process in detail, and they are dependent on these recruitment agencies.

There are many problems involved in this process:

  1. Many deserving internal candidates are not getting the promotion they deserve and thus look for a job change.
  2. Companies are hiring from their competitors, and thus it is always a process of filling the gap.
  3. As the companies prefer new recruitment over promoting internal candidates, they need to get experienced and already trained professionals.
  4. The hirings done through this process do not always give a satisfactory outcome.

So, it is better to keep in mind a few points while hiring candidates for your job positions.

  1. Design the job which you need and can benefit your company in the long run.
  2. Know the limits of the referrals.
  3. Make your internal checking on candidates stronger.
  4. Select the candidates as per the job criteria and don’t create a large pool of candidates. Instead, make it short and selective.
  5. Check the candidate’s general skills.
  6. Redesign your interview process to assess and select the most suitable candidate.
  7. Recognize the strength and weaknesses of machine tools and act accordingly.
  8. Check the candidate potential, and if needed, get the report from the previous supervisor.

Hiring the right candidate is not so difficult if you have a well-designed recruitment process that will give satisfactory results in the long run.